How to Become a Member

Qibray Becoming A Member  

Membership at First Presbyterian Church is about becoming a part of a faith community that provides the potential for spiritual growth, friendship, and a meaningful support group. You may join by:

PROFESSION OF FAITH AND BAPTISM – if you have never been a member of a Christian Church before, upon profession of your faith and the sacrament of baptism, you may be received as a member into our congregation.


PROFESSION OF FAITH – if you have already been baptized but have never been confirmed or joined a church, you may be received into our church family by a public profession of your faith.

REAFFIRMATION OF FAITH – If you were at one time a member of a church, but over the years have become inactive, you may be received into our church family by publicly reaffirming your faith.

LETTER OF TRANSFER – If you are currently a member of another Presbyterian Church, you may be received into our church family by letter of transfer from that congregation.

Prospective members normally meet with the pastor before being officially received into the membership by our Session. New Members Classes are provided.

For more information, please contact the pastor at 229-242-8376.